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A friend of mine from Fort Mac posted this article today from the latest issue of YMM Magazine.  It's an article about the problem in Fort Mac of taxi drivers taking women down Tower Road and raping/robbing them.  For those who don't believe it's pretty damn bad up there.

Aren't cabs dispatched by a central dispatcher?  Doesn't the dispatcher log time, location and (usually) name?  Wouldn't a cab driver who assaulted or robbed someone be pretty easy to track down through the central dispatch?   How do they get away with it multiple times?  I really am curious.

The article seems like a plug for Uber, which I think would be even more risky given that you are directly contacting a stranger rather than going through a dispatcher and there have been rapes and assaults involving Uber drivers.  I am not sure what safety
 protocols Uber has, so is there something that would make them safer than a taxi service?