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Ok - what are your work environments like ?

I am with about 12 people in a large, bright, quiet open area... 80s office cubicle decor but we are seated at two looong tables with lots of space.  26th floor with nice view of uptown...  I spend most of my time listening to music on Sirius XM and almost no time on here.

My cubicle has a majestic view of Kim City's "hobos and auto-parts" district.

The back half of our office has a small production floor, where my happy little minions are hard at work assembling our wonderful products.  They're not literally those little yellow one-eyed **** from the Disney movie, but that's how I visualize them as I interact with them. It's one of those little techniques I've picked up to develop confidence.  Kind of like imagining your audience naked when you're doing public speaking.

The front half of the office is management, sales, applications engineering. I have come to think of this as the stale male area. We have cubicle dividers, but it's somewhat open.  Depending who is working from home or whatever, there are typically five or six of the males in the office, ranging in staleness from "not really" to "extremely." Most of them are okay and sometimes even fun to work with.  However, sometimes there are some very loud and boring conversations about work-related issues that go on forever and make me want to shoot myself. The new guy in particular is intent on questioning every single procedure. "Why do you do that this way?"  "We do that this way because it is efficient and works well." "Well at my old place we used to do this that way, and I think we should do that here as well because of reasons." "But we already do that this way, and we don't want to revise our process." "But I did this that way for 40 years, and it works very well and I think that we should do this that way here as well."

And at the nexus of these two areas is the Kim Zone, which is sort of the all-important hub that keeps everything linked together and functioning as a cohesive unit.

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