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Re: Personal Stuff
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My brain is telling me that she's heterosexual and is probably like this with all her customers. My heart, and parts below my heart, are hopeful that there's more to it than that.   I've made a fool of myself before by misinterpreting signs women were giving me and it's extremely embarrassing. I am not ready to go out on the limb yet.

If you don't end up having sex with this woman let me know so that I can come out and have sex with this woman.

Kidding aside, yeah it's tough reading signs sometimes, some people are naturally playful flirty, especially bartenders, i'd imagine it's x2 harder for non-heteros. I've misread women before, but as embarrassing as it is I don't have any regrets, I'd rather get embarrassed than miss an opportunity.  Maybe casually mention in convo about "my ex-gf did yadda yadda", see how she reacts.
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