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Re: Personal Stuff
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My new job is very strange.  I found out my boss was born 202 days after I started my first job !  :o

I'm very busy, but the new management style (called 'Agile') means your deadlines are constant, every 2 weeks, and so you don't have big stressful deadlines on the horizon.  It's just a constant hum of work, which is more like what regular people (ie. people who don't do projects) have in the way of work.  It's also more collaborate and... ahem.. empowering.  And it's really about 50-50 women and 'diverse'.  I'm the classic Canadian part of the diversity mix.

Of course, I took about a $20-$40K hit to take this job but... it's regular work and a giant recession may well be coming.  With baby 6 weeks away I need a regular paycheck.  Still, it's hard to see emails from recruiters offering far north of $200K  >:( >:(.  All this and we still can't afford a house believe it or not.

BUT.... baby seems pretty healthy, Joanie is off work now and we started the baby course at Mt. Sinai.  (The black lady who gave us the delivery ward tour struggled to explain what a 'Sabbath' elevator was  ;D  "It's a religious elevator..." )  You can't leave the hospital with a baby without showing them a baby car seat, even if you don't own a car !

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