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That's interesting.  They still have an honour culture. 

Some stories illustrating that "honor" culture.

My sister rides the public transit buses and tells me about riders passing fares up to the driver via other riders, and having their change returned to them. 

My sister entered into an agreement to purchase a yet-to-be-completed flat at a certain price.  A few weeks later the builder came back and said he couldn't do it at the agreed upon price and my sister replied that she couldn't afgord the new price. Her husband was pretty furious and contacted  the builder's Bedouin tribe/family about it.   The builder was informed that he was honor-bound to complete the deal at the agreed upon price, even if he lost money.   They then "asked" what my sister could afford extra and eventually came to a deal that they w coukd both live with.   My sister is pretty happy with her flat, which is in her name.

Of course, not everyone is honorable.  My sister has had her phone stolen (but then the thief called her husband to let him know where she was), she's been harassed on the street and had people treat her poorly due to being female and/or not "Muslim" enough.  But by and large her experience with Egyptians has been positive, or she'd be back home.  Her husband is nothing but doting and generous.

I find that in developing countries they have much bigger families usually, so many aunts/cousins etc. and so family talks and gossips a lot more ad things spread to more people.  Developing countries also tend to have communities where people know each other and talk to neighbours more often, like Canada use to be like.

Her husband's family tends to smaller sizes.  I don't think any of the brothers have more than 3 kids.  Education and economics affect family size.  But still lots of talk and veey strong family bonds. 

I never liked Canadian small town life because of that talking/gossipping thing.  Too much of a free spirit to meet the social expectations I guess.  I probably wouldn't do well in Egypt just because of that.   But my sister loves it there.