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Re: Personal Stuff
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Anyway, everybody's having babies! Babies are excellent.

Grandchildren are the best!  My granddaughter just turned four and I just got back from visiting her.  Actual conversation we had:

Grandbaby:  Come to my room, Grama T-Wow, I will paint your nails.
Me:  OK.  Do I get to pick a color?
GB:  No.  I'm going to do rainbow nails.
Me: OK.
GB: **gets a stool**
Me:  Is that your toilet stool?
Me:  Perfect!
GB:  Put your hands flat on it, like this.
Me:  Wonderful.  I love it.

She has an interesting technique - starts painting at the tip and doesn't stop til she gets to halfway to the first knuckle.  Fixes the blobby parts with toilet paper, so I have little bits of TP stuck to them.   :D

Anyways, the service was terrible and the prices were outrageous but I give this nail salon 5 stars.   :-*
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