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My dad-in-law is a sailing nut on the Bay of Quinte.  I never saw the appeal, but going out with him is just fantastic fun.  Very special way to relax but a little expensive.  He shares a boat with 3 others I think.

Yes they can be expensive and I didn't have the dough for a fancy ass big boat but I was able to afford a small sloop which could sleep 6 but most of the time there was just the two of us aboard. That yacht dealership I mentioned was just north of Boston and I had a bee in my bonnet that I was going to sail this thing back to that same dock in Nassau where I had first ever set foot on a sailboat. Took us a while but we finally got there. I was in a job where I could work 7 days a week and stack up my vacation time and take it all at once and so we might have a couple of months to inch our way down the US east coast and then tie up. It was a more interesting way to integrate with the country than through hotels and airports.