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Re: Personal Stuff
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I had mentioned the bartender, who is a quite a bit younger than me.  And there's a waitress at a place I often go... we've never talked, but the eye contact and smiles and amount of mutual checking out... it makes my heart beat quicker. She's probably about 20, which makes me feel dirty and old.

Well, sure ... but curiosity didn't kill the cat, at least not right away...

...I went to an open house this weekend and ended up giving the realtor my number.  Considerably older than me, divorced, has adult children out in the world. MILF, cougar type. She texted me today, and I've been on pins and needles ever since.

You seem to be at that age where you can trade up to older, or down to younger... or something.  When I was 32 I took a break from my 24-year old girlfriend to date a 50-year old.  The 24-year old was quite jealous and they almost met up at a play I was in.... hoo-boy. 

I just met up with a girl pal (never dated) from university last night.  Don't know how she does it - she is in her 50s and chubby and never goes without a guy for long.  She is on a break with her boyfriend, and right away met a younger dude who is pleasuring her while the boyfriend (none the wiser) figures out if he wants to commit to a relationship.  To those of you singles who meet people at the rate of one a year or more, congratulations.  I know many who go years without a date.  Maybe they don't try.