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Re: Personal Stuff
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What they want to do in the moment.

I feel like "in the moment" is an important disclaimer when you're talking about people in their early 20s. It certainly was for me, at least. I never did anything I didn't want to do, but I did lots of things that made me think, later, "what the heck was I thinking..."  Life was like Disneyland, and I wanted to go on all the rides. Some of them were great, some were fun, some were scary, some made me barf...

I had mentioned the bartender, who is a quite a bit younger than me.  And there's a waitress at a place I often go... we've never talked, but the eye contact and smiles and amount of mutual checking out... it makes my heart beat quicker. She's probably about 20, which makes me feel dirty and old.

But instead...

I think I wrote about dating a much older women when I was younger.  I knew I wanted to try it, and she was wise enough to know what I was up to when she bought in.  It was quite a romance, although short.

 ...I went to an open house this weekend and ended up giving the realtor my number.  Considerably older than me, divorced, has adult children out in the world. MILF, cougar type. She texted me today, and I've been on pins and needles ever since.

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