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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #30 on: April 25, 2018, 11:57:06 pm »
In other news, I'm selling my car, a red PT Cruiser.

I remember seeing an "AskReddit" thread on Reddit called "PT Cruiser owners: what sequence of events led to your tragic state of affairs?"

I don't know enough about the PT Cruiser to know whether owning one should be considered tragic, but the title made me laugh, so I read the thread.

My favorite response was from a young man who had always dreamed of owning a Mini Cooper. He had posters of Mini Coopers on his wall. On his 18th birthday, his parents took him out onto the driveway, and there, with a big red bow on top...  was a beautiful, slightly used...  PT Cruiser.

He did what any son would do.  He thanked his parents profusely, hugged them and kissed them and told them how grateful he was.  And then he went to his room and disposed of all his Mini Cooper posters and never spoke of Mini Coopers again, because he didn't want them to realize that the PT Cruiser wasn't the car he'd always dreamed about.

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