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Re: Personal Stuff
« on: April 18, 2018, 03:59:08 pm »
@Goddess.  As MH, kudos to you for not making a scene, and yeah keep an eye out. 

My approach has been that my partner/spouse will keep unwanted ladies at bay.  If he does not, thats on him, not my job to keep the ladies off, imo.  Can't anyway, if he returns her interest.

I did glance at him -  both hands on his drink, sitting still, not talking. I think he wasn't sure what to do either.

We have an agreement but I realize now it's a bit one-sided - he doesn't step in and make a scene unless I indicate I need help.  My last booyfriend before him, used to cause scenes everywhere we went if anyone so much as looked at me and that was a large part of why we broke up.  We will have to come up with something for when the shoe is on the other foot, LOL
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