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Re: Outdoor Activities Culture
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After several trips with the fishing  kayak, here are my thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoy kayak fishing.  Great way to get into smaller lakes which would be inaccessible to a larger boat. By Ďlargerí I mean a 12 foot inflatable, so that boat isnít exactly big either.

The one lake was absolutely teeming with cutthroat trout in a shallow channel between 2 parts of the lake.  It was amazing fishing. The put-in for the lake is a short, very steep trail with room for 1 kayak to launch where the lake turns into a river.  The current makes it tricky too...  hop in and paddle like mad staying as close to shore as possible!  So access is very limited.

But I digress... 

2 things I dislike, but are a necessary compromise:

Upright positioning makes it not so great in the wind, but makes it really easy to fish out of and hop in and out of, so thatís worth the compromise to me.

Paddle locomotion only.  And this is about price. My buddies both have kayaks with a pedal system that frees up your hands and allows you to have really nice control over your position, especially in wind or current.   You donít need to put down your rod and grab the paddle all the time.  Great feature!  But they also paid 2.5 times more for their kayaks.
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