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Re: NFL Culture
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2023, 04:46:16 am »
Sad sad weekend for Cowboys and Bills fans especially... like my neighbour and me...

The upstart teams of the season (including a superbowl team from last year?) came through.

I can't imagine anybody considers the Bengals an upstart team anymore. Maybe you're thinking of the Jaguars?

That was shockingly uncompetitive. I had expected it to be a must-watch game. I had been looking forward to the regular season meeting and tuned in just in time to see an ambulance in the middle of the field and the frightening Damar Hamlin situation.  So this time at least they got to actually play the game, but it was just a one-sided beating.  The Bengals have beaten the Chiefs three times in a row, but the Chiefs will be very hungry for payback. Patrick Mahomes sprained his ankle in the game against the Jaguars, so that could be a factor.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were this year's best feel-good story. Like last year's Bengals, they came out of nowhere. After being the worst team in football last year and starting this year at 3-7, they go on an improbable winning streak and steal the division title from the Tennessee Titans. When I sat down for last week's Jaguars-Chargers game it was 7-0 Chargers, and by the time I finished my beer it was 27-0 Chargers. The Jaguars couldn't do anything right, it was the worst I had ever seen a team play.  So later I check my phone and it's 30-20 Chargers. Then 30-28 Chargers. Then, on the last play of the game, 31-30 Jaguars.   They weren't good enough to upset the Chiefs this weekend, but they didn't look out of place.  Tremendous breakthrough season for the Jaguars and their 23-year old quarterback, long-haired hippy Trevor Lawrence.  They have a solid defense and a really good running back.

In the NFC, the Eagles and 49ers both look absolutely frightening, and I think that whoever wins the NFC championship is also going to win the Superb Owl this year.

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