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Re: New TV Season
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2017, 11:27:03 am »
I have watched the 2-part series opener, which introduced the setting and Burnham and explaining why Burnham got courtmartialed, and thought it was pretty good. I gather that the show changes considerably after Burnham's courtmartial, so I wasn't going to comment until I have seen more.

One thing I found weird/distracting is that the main character is named Michael. Every time I heard that, I was trying to figure out if they were really saying "Michael".  I was wondering if maybe they were saying Micah or Nica or maybe a Vulcan name that sounds sort of like Michael.  Nope, it's Michael.  What kind of dip-**** would name their beautiful baby girl "Michael".

During a recent visit to the old farm, I noticed veranda hound referred to it as "Social Justice Warriors: The Next Generation".  I figured, ok, whatever, obviously the alt-right gets mad whenever sci-fi movies or TV shows are centered around somebody who isn't a white male.

But, after watching the intro of the series, I do agree that there's a definite political element there. The Klingon rallying cry is "Remain Klingon!" and they are mobilizing to resist what they see as the cultural imperialism of the Federation. They fear that their own culture will be erased.  It seems to be an obvious parallel to those who oppose immigration and to white nationalists who claim they're trying to preserve their European Christian culture.  The Federation, by contrast, seem like a happy coalition where everybody is equal and valued.  This seems like a rather ham-handed attempt at social commentary.

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