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Re: New TV Season
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Has anyone caught the new Star Trek? It's... different. The main protagonist is a black woman named Michael Burnham who is not even IN Star Fleet since she was court-martialled and sent to a prison planet. The strange, distant, and possibly crazy captain of the Discovery somehow snatched her off a passing shuttle and is using her to further his development of a new scientific system that lets the ship zip through the galaxy instantly. The first officer is a very tall alien who lacks self confidence. The Science officer is a strange, anti-social guy who is in an openly gay relationship with the ship's doctor, who he lives with on the ship. Burnham's roommate is a naive ensign, who, in last week's episode uttered "This is so **** cool" when looking at an experiment. She then apologized to the science officer, who replied. "That's all right, Ensign. It IS **** cool."

So I noticed that this show had returned now that the holidays were over and was about to PVR it and found myself hesitating, then deciding not to bother.
I don't like this show. The original two part beginer was like the old Star Trek. The new one is like... nothing really. It's dark, moody, and humourless. The characters don't trust each other and often don't like each other. Some may be traitors. The captain is ruthless, and possibly soulless. The security officer might be working for the Klingons, who are on screen too much and boring. The main character is trying to emulate a Vulcan. Which is fine, but there was a reason Spock wasn't the main character and Kirk was. It's hard to identify with someone who shows no emotions. I don't really care about anyone on the show and don't care which or all of them die. I'm bored of the ship's secret mission. There's no exploration involved. It's just dark (both literally and figuratively), sombre preparation for war with a bit of actual shooting. There's no fun in watching this.
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