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Re: New TV Season
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:26:13 pm »
I still think you're saying that it failed because a fan of the genre wouldn't buy it, essentially.  Am I right ?

Essentially, yeah.

Although, **** genre fans are often the harshest critics as well.  But basically, yes.

There ARE two questions.  I like you, kimmy, so I correct your grammar.  Yes, your questions are apt for a commercial artistic enterprise.  I'll leave it at that.

The thing that sometimes happens is... stratifying and dicing and slicing the market neglects the produce offering.  Sometimes things that are just great will find an audience. 

Ever hear of The Smiths ?  They are an improbably 80s pop band that I discovered later in life.  A mishmash of upbeat instrumental guitar, with a solid rhythm section, and a wailing plantiff singer with absurd pseudo-gay lyrics laden with anachronisms and references to Oscar Wilde.  They hit it big with British youth (they were from Manchester I think) and then again 30 years later... in Mexico ?!?

Smiths songs:

I do know The Smiths, primarily through that beer commercial that had the Smiths song that has that great guitar riff, back in the 1990s at some point. I think there was an imposing Danish dude with long blond hair discussing the merits of Labatt Ice.  But yes, I recall the Smiths.  "How Soon Is Now" was the song, I believe. I don't know how much beer that commercial sold, but I bet it sold a lot of Smiths records. I bought one of them, just to get that song.

I agree with your general point here: art isn't created by focus groups.

I'm not sure what Stan Lee might have been thinking when he came up with the idea, over 50 years ago.  Perhaps he and Jack Kirby were sitting around with a massive bong full of the best chiba-chiba and said "man, it would be totally far out if there was a city on the moon with people with crazy super-powers, and they came to Earth and said 'Heyyy, mannnn, quit shooting rockets at our house, bro!' and it would be like ... totally far out!"

And, somehow, for whatever reason, the Inhumans caught on enough that it's on TV 50 years later. Maybe people liked that it's whimsical or fantastical or maybe just campy.  Somehow, in some way, that idea appealed to people enough that it didn't get lost among all the other ideas that come and go.

Maybe, at the time, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby really were creating "art" in their own way.  But I don't think the people at ABC/Disney/Marvel were striving for "art" when they created the Inhumans TV show. I think they were kind of hoping for viewers.

Ultimately, whatever made people like the original idea all those years ago... whatever that was, it didn't translate into the TV show.   I think a good TV show could have been made from the premise.  Maybe it would have been campy and lighthearted, like the Adam West Batman program.  Maybe it would have been fantastical, like the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  I am sure that somehow something good could have been done with it.  But whatever they were trying for... they missed the mark.

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