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Re: New TV Season
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:40:16 am »
   Criticism like "this is completely unrealistic" or "giant robots aren't real" or "I don't like CGI" or "this would be more compelling if the characters worked in an office" really just indicate that you watched the wrong show.

I still think you're saying that it failed because a fan of the genre wouldn't buy it, essentially.  Am I right ?

There's two separate questions there.  The first is "is there actually a market for this?" and the second is "does the product we've created appeal to the market we want to reach."

There ARE two questions.  I like you, kimmy, so I correct your grammar.  Yes, your questions are apt for a commercial artistic enterprise.  I'll leave it at that.

    I think that if they had set out to create a focus-group to see if their target audience enjoyed The Inhumans... find 20 people for a test screening... they wouldn't have any idea who to put in the room. 

The thing that sometimes happens is... stratifying and dicing and slicing the market neglects the produce offering.  Sometimes things that are just great will find an audience. 

Ever hear of The Smiths ?  They are an improbably 80s pop band that I discovered later in life.  A mishmash of upbeat instrumental guitar, with a solid rhythm section, and a wailing plantiff singer with absurd pseudo-gay lyrics laden with anachronisms and references to Oscar Wilde.  They hit it big with British youth (they were from Manchester I think) and then again 30 years later... in Mexico ?!?

Smiths songs:

William It Was Really Nothing


That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore