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Re: New TV Season
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:33:05 pm »
1. It doesn't just fail by August1991/Michael Hardner type criteria, it fails by the standards of its own genre, its own aspirations.
2. Surely somebody at either ABC or Disney or Marvel must have thought "this is really bad. We shouldn't put this on TV."
3. I watched the entire Twilight series of movies because I was fascinated at how bad it was. I was intrigued that people spent tens of millions of dollars making each of those bad films.
4. "I can't believe adults made this. This seems like something junior high kids would have made."
1. What is THAT ?  I don't remember suggesting any criteria for artistic failure per se.
2. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it will play or not.
3. I only saw a trailer for one of them in the cinema and started laughing very very loudly, which pissed off some young girls sitting near me.
4. Yes, but does it SELL ?