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Re: New TV Season
« Reply #30 on: January 15, 2019, 05:43:05 am »
Three shows on the go now and it's ALL ABOUT TV TV TV ALL WINTER LONG

That, and walks, and eating.  It's all we do.

Show #1

Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

Ok, it's watchable and the idea is good but why do people like this now ?  The lead actress isn't even Jewish ?  What ?  And the anachronisms make me jump off the sofa and swear.  Mrs. Maisel's lesbian manager in two lines of dialogue uses the term 'overkill' (which wasn't in use in the 1950s, and I think came out of the Vietnam war) and 'freaks me out' (1980s).  Mrs. Maisel would be sent to prison long-term for what she says on stage.  And men don't HUG in the 1950s.

Show #2

The best Spy TV Show ever, hell it's better than movies.  But the plot is a little too clever, and when it's done I will look up the plot holes.  I'm dazzled by it, by JK Simmons and all the cast, but I think they trick us by putting too much in for us to catch the mistakes.

Show #3

Probably my favourite Canadian TV show.   So many catchphrases, so much wry clever, so much observation.  Love it. 

Tell me you're watching it and you love it.