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Re: New TV Season
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Stuff on my TV of late I can recommend:

The Kominsky Method

- Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas as two aging guys in Hollywood on the periphery of the showbiz industry.  Light humour and great acting and sensitivity.

Zen Dairies of Garry Shandling

- Fantastic exploration of how this comedian incorporated a Zen approach to his art and life

Escape at Dannemora

- Ben Stiller (?!?) directs Patricia Arquette and Paul Dario and Benicio Del Toro chronicling a 3-week prison escape from northern New York state.  Prison escapes are usually more gripping than this, but the details are still interesting and Stiller takes a real 'Auteur's' approach to this at times

Tales from the Tour Bus S2

- Mike Judge has made a fantastically entertaining cartoon documenting FUNK.  Yes, it sounds strange but it's great and the interviews are wonderful.