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Re: New TV Season
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Also: asking again if the mod will merge this thread with Netflix.  My brain gets confused sometimes.

Rappers on TV part 2:  Snoop Dogg is hosting The Joker's Wild game show.   I can't put it together in my brain.  It's so bizarre but yet it fits. 

I have a strange history with rap.  Nobody would guess that I know anything about it but since I love the arts I try to sample everything including Nu Metal, Ska... you name it.  By the time Snoop came up I was convinced that Rap was doomed to die as gangster's music and I was too old to listen.  I had randomly bought an album called "Da Game Is to be Sold, not to be Told" and happened to hit his worst album ever.,_Not_to_Be_Told

Years later, I heard a few from his first few records and realized his greatness.  So now he's part of a game show that is as much as an outlaw as he is.  Remember "Quiz Show" ?  That was the movie about the disgraced show "21" from the 1950s.  Well the host and production company were banned from Hollywood after that scandal, and finally came back from their outlaw status in the 1970s with - you guessed it - The Joker's Wild.