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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #285 on: January 18, 2022, 12:51:07 am »
Arcane, on Netflix.

This is an animated show, with sort of a Steampunk aesthetic. The main characters appear to be a band of young thieves in a city that is very divided by class.  I have only watched one episode so far and I haven't decided whether I like the show or not, but I was completely enchanted by the artwork. I have never seen an animated show that is this beautiful. You can hit pause at any point and you are looking at a beautiful painting. This show is STUNNING. I'm going to give it a few episodes to decide whether the story lives up to the artwork, but the artwork alone is enough to get me to watch at least one more episode.


Watched the 1st episode, and itís great.  Youíre right about the animation; itís stunning.   Love how the characters are drawn.   Steampunk meets World of Warcraft.