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Re: Netflix Recommendations
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1. I turned on my radio this morning and the first thing I heard was some professor on CBC pouting that $100 million a year is actually chump change because Netflix spends several billion dollars a year creating content.  Well screw that guy. $100 million per year is not chump change regardless of who's spending it.

2. I wouldn't take Netflix' involvement as any guarantee of quality. Some of it will be good and some of it won't.   "Letterkenny" turned out to be CraveTV's biggest hit; I expect that Netflix will manage to find a similar gem, and hopefully several.


1. Yes, I have been reading that since I posted this.  I didn't realize it was $100M a year, I thought it was $500M.  Still, it depends on what they do with that money.

2. There have been a handful of 'hits' over the past decade.  They have come off either by accident, or because somebody kicked the door in and got themselves into the Cable landscape.  Netflix will be better than, say, the CBC has been over the past 40 years.