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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #180 on: November 21, 2020, 07:01:30 pm »
What is destroying Europe is opinions such as these.  "Endangering the Union itself" LOL.  Do you understand exactly what the EU is and what it does, how it functions, and what it makes people in EU countries accept?  Equating Brexit to Nazism... ???   That's like equating universal healthcare to Communism.

I suppose there is no reasonable alternative between leftism and Thatcherism?  Any populism (non-globalism, non-elitism) is therefore Nazism?

Germany was being hard done by and then the depression happened.  The problem is they blamed the wrong people and elected racist genocidal warmongering totalitarian maniacs to solve the problem.  Trump is a racist totalitarian maniac, luckily for Americans he wasn't genocidal or warmongering.  Some Brexiters are racist, but hardly any of them are genocidal, warmongering, totalitarian, or maniacs.  Get rid of the racists and you have yourself some good policy.  Call them all racists and you have what we have now.

What I agree with you on is that those Polish death camps are lessons to be learned.  One of them is that if you rub people's face in the mud enough they'll start to resent, hate, and rage.

I was referring to the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The EU will be fine without the UK.

The EU is a response to Nazism, Make the countries of Europe so interdependent that such a thing can't happen again.
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