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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #150 on: June 17, 2020, 09:51:23 pm »
I watched "Bodyguard" on Netflix recently.  No, not the old movie with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Bodyguard is a 5-episode miniseries from England, starring Richard Madden (who won a Golden Globe award for the role).

Madden portrays British police sergeant David Budd. After courageously stopping a terror incident on a train, Budd is appointed to a high profile position: principle protection officer for the Home Secretary, Julia Montague.  She is a powerful, ambitious, controversial, charismatic politician who has a lot of enemies, and Budd finds himself embroiled in things that are far more complicated than they seem at first. 

Budd too is more complicated than he seems at first. He is a veteran who bears mental and physical scars from his time in Afghanistan. He is suffering from PTSD, but is afraid to seek medical help for it because he believes it will end his career. His family is falling apart. David's mental health is unravelling even without his stressful new assignment with the Home Secretary.

Madden is best known to billions as Robb Stark from Game Of Thrones, and like GoT, "Bodyguard" has a lot of intrigue, with chess-masters and pawns everywhere. Everybody is potentially a villain here, and Budd doesn't know who he can trust.  The show is tensely paced and has a claustrophobic atmosphere that fits Budd's mental state.   I really liked this.

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