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Re: Netflix Recommendations
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Anyone watched Shetland?

Great whodunnit done in the Shetlands, Scotland and a side trip to Norway. First three seasons are on Netflix. The first season has one case every two episodes, the next two seasons are a about a single case each season. Excellent cast, great scenery and the plots are pretty involved. I think it is in season six in the UK, hopefully Netflix picks up some more. Keep the close caption on unless you have a really good ear for the Scottish dialect.

Also, The Last Kingdom.
Based on Bernard Cornwell's Warrior Chronicals series of books. Historical fiction based on Alfred the Great and the period after when England was united into one kingdom. The first two seasons were done by the BBC and Netflix took over production for series three. Season four has been filmed and is supposed to air sometime this year.

For aviation buffs. Spitfire, the aircraft that saved the world. A documentary about the development and history of the aircraft with the few people left alive who flew it in the Battle of Britain and Malta.
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