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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #135 on: December 28, 2019, 05:32:59 pm »
Just started watching "The Witcher".  It's a blast. We've already watched 5 episodes in 2 days, and we usually don't binge on series. T

It's based on books I haven't read, and video games I haven't played, so I didn't have any particular expectations of what it's supposed to be.    The implicit promise made to the viewer is: action, adventure, and scares in a fantasy setting. It delivers exactly that. 

Some time ago I talked with Michael about how "Pacific Rim" makes an implicit promise of "fantastical action as giant robots fight giant alien creatures" and succeeds because they provide the viewer exactly what they promised. Somebody who didn't like Pacific Rim because "giant robots fighting giant alien creatures is a stupid idea" can only blame themselves, because they clearly watched the wrong movie.  The Witcher is much the same.  If you're interested in a fantasy adventure series with action and scares, this show is great. And if that premise isn't interesting to you, you shouldn't watch it.

Not much thinking required, but lots of fun.

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