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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #135 on: December 13, 2019, 02:41:36 am »
We've finished watching the first two seasons of American Gods-- loved it-- and tonight started on another Amazon series we've been looking forward to: "The Boys".

This show centers around a world where superheroes exist, but it's a dark and cynical look at the premise, much closer to "The Watchmen" than the Marvel movies.

The first episode was brilliant and I can hardly wait to see what happens going forward.

We finished watching this a while back. The conclusion was as startling as the opening, and it was a wild trip.  They recently finished filming season 2,  and I'll be there when it arrives.

Currently watching Disenchantment on Netflix.  It's a half-hour cartoon comedy from the makers of The Simpsons and Futurama.   It's a fantasy show set in the magical kingdom of Dreamland, chronicling the adventures of Princess Tiabeanie as she contends with wizards, elves, mighty warriors, fearsome ogres, and more.  As fairy-tale kingdoms go, Dreamland is pretty run down and crappy, and as fairy-tale princesses go, "Bean" is a buck-toothed alcoholic. She's a failure at pretty much everything, but she does excel at one thing: swashbuckling. She's the most swashbuckling princess that ever buckled a swash.  She's accompanied on her adventures by Elfo the Elf, and by her personal demon, Luci. Everybody thinks Luci is a talking cat, but he's actually a demon sent freed from the depths of hell to lead Bean into temptation, but since she's more or less already there they are pretty chill and spend a lot of time getting drunk and going on adventures.  It's delightfully silly and I enjoy it a lot.

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