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Re: Netflix Recommendations
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Dave Chapelle - Equanimity and the Bird Revelation

Dave implicitly makes the most compelling and difficult argument for free speech with this one.  Unlike many who offend liberals, he is articulate, engaging, and even HUMANIST as he insults people.  In the end, he makes his case that there is no apologizing for being honest and human.

That said, he says offensive things about transgender folks and it's not for every taste.  It's a rare thing to be offended and to laugh your ass off. 

Writing this now it seems I have distilled it to this:
Yes, he is offensive
No, he is not trying to foment hate
Yes, he is laughing AT something
No, he has no desire to make people feel bad
Yes, it is offensive

Yes, I want to watch it.  I see his position as unenlightened but admittedly so.  He can't stop from laughing at something even if it's sad for others.  It seems that these types of people are more likely to provide a bridge to dialogue than either bigots or demagogues.