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Re: Netflix Recommendations
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I watched the movie Carol the other day, I've been meaning to since I saw Cate Blanchette promoting it a few years ago.  It's a lesbian love story which left me in tears several times throughout the movie.  It's set in 1950's New York and captures trials and tribulations of forbidden same sex relationships at the time.  The cinematography and costumes are stunning and the screenplay is based on Patricia Highsmith's novel.  The character of Carol is based on several women in Highsmith's own life and she herself is Therese.  I would recommend it. 

On a completely different spectrum of genre, we've been binge-watching the seven seasons of Shameless and it's quite entertaining.  Some of the story lines are way too unrealistic but the casting is tremendous and the writing is pretty good.  We drink beer and sometimes start fighting and yelling just to relate to the characters.  Just kidding.  I think.