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Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Reply #405 on: March 24, 2023, 12:40:09 am »
We watched "We Have A Ghost" on Netflix recently.  Based on the previews, I expected it to be total dogshit, but we were looking for something light and dumb to watch after a stressful day.  To my surprise I quite liked it.

Down-on-his luck dad Frank (Anthony Mackie, aka "The Falcon" from the Avengers movies) moves his family into a "fixer-upper" mansion that they bought at a really great price. Why so cheap? Because it's haunted, obviously.  But when their angsty teenage son Kevin catches the ghost on video, Frank uploads the video and it becomes a social media phenomenon and Frank thinks he can make money off of it.  Kevin, on the other hand, befriends the ghost. The ghost (David Harbour, aka "Sherriff Hopper" from Stranger Things) is unable to talk and can't remember his past, but Kevin calls him Ernest because that's what is written on his bowling shirt. While Frank tries to cash in, Kevin and Ernest embark on an adventure to find Ernest's past and help him "cross over".  And (spoiler) they all learn important lessons about life along the way.

This all sounds fairly trite and predictable, and it is, but it still works because of David Harbour and the young actor who plays Kevin (Jahi DiAllo Winston, who I have never heard of before.) They're a genuinely likeable team. It's wholesome, kind-hearted family entertainment.  And Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious in a brief cameo as a scammy TV "psychic".

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