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Re: Naturopathy
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:36:07 am »
According to his mother, a 4-year-old boy is acting like a dog ... growling, nuzzling, sniffing, licking, hiding under the table.  He is also aggressive at school and home, and has nightmares about canines.  Mom takes boy to a naturopath, who determines that the boy is acting this way because he has been bitten by a dog.  So she prescribes a concoction that includes rabid dog saliva.  Mom says boy has improved.

I know a couple of people who've gone to naturopaths, and they claim it helps.  I am skeptical, but wonder if anyone here has had experience with naturopathy, good or bad.

Placebo effect.

I am certainly open to the notion that naturopathic practices could have health benefits-- natural sources are often the source of ingredients that have useful medicinal properties.

If you go to a naturopathic nutritionist and she tells you that you need to eat less fast food, french fries, Doritos, pizza, and alcohol, and instead need to eat more wheat-grass smoothies, sage oil, whole-grain bread, and garlic... you've probably received good advice even if the medicinal properties of sage oil and garlic are debatable.  Getting all that crap out of your diet alone is good advice. But this is health advice and preventative medicine, not a substitute for real actual medicine when something goes wrong.

But the example here-- rabid dog saliva?  Administering a potentially hazardous substance to a young child based on a half-baked theory is simply deranged.

The idea that his behavior would be explained by a scary encounter with a dog?  Ok, maybe. Weird, but kids are weird.  But the idea that feeding him rabid dog saliva would fix it? That's a result of the same kind of magic-inspired thinking that has made Gwyneth Paltrow a hundred million dollars selling ridiculous and potentially dangerous junk like "jade eggs" to stuff in your coot-coot or frequent enemas to purge the (necessary and very beneficial) bacteria from your colon.  Speaking of enemas, some parents of autistic children have caught on to a theory that their children's autism is caused by parasites living in their child's colon, and have taken to administering a bleach-based enema to their child to try to kill the imaginary parasites. I saw a youtube video created by one of these imbeciles. She holds up a clear worm-looking thing in a pair of tweezers, and declares it an example of the parasites that cause autism.  That's not a parasite, that's a layer of your son's tissue that you've burned away from the inside of his colon, you piece of crap.

Another extreme example is David and Collette Stephan, who tried to treat their son's meningitis with naturopathy.  And even after that tragedy, David Stephan continues to blame western medicine for his son's death and continues to sell "natural vitality" products without a second thought.

Masked for your safety.
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