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Re: Media Culture
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Ok, but even if they were equally important, how much serious discussion happens on the economic side in the mainstream ?

I don't disagree with you or anyone who says the media protects the interests of big corps and capital, so fair point.

America is brainwashed on the economic side without a doubt.  Trump and Bernie Sanders wanted to change the neoliberal status quo and the media burned them at the stake, and the old guard within the GOP have wanted to destroy Trump since the beginning, and I doubt it's because he says dumb racist sh!t.  You're right, Disney isn't going to go out and make a movie about unionization.

So I still say the media mostly leans left socially (most media comes out of NYC and LA, so not surprising) while leaning right economically, because these corps have an interest in the latter as we all seem to agree.  Gay marriage doesn't really affect the bottom line so they're free to push whatever social views they want.
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