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Re: Local food culture
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2021, 02:45:45 am »
Kimmy DO YOU KNOW THEM ???  :)

Don't make me tap the sign

Also this isn't Corner Gas or Letterkenny, not everybody in Kim City knows each other.  I don't know why you'd assume they're my friends.

I don't know them, but I was talking with some of my industry friends about this last week.  One of them was saying that they're basically giving the middle finger to most of their clientele, based on the assumption that most vegans are "left" and "left" people are mostly on board with vaccines. But another wasn't sure about that, because a lot of anti-vaxxers are hippy-types who don't trust "Big Pharma" and put their trust in "all natural healing" like naturopathy, herbal remedies, and so on... probably a lot of them are vegans or vegetarians.  So I can imagine there being a niche market for an anti-vaxx vegan hang-out, just as I can also imagine that "Bubba Jack's Roadkill Bar And Grill" redneck restaurant might also have a lot of patrons who'd support them defying the vaccine passport program.  I could imagine the Renegade Kitchen owner being an all-natural medicine guy who doesn't trust vaccines; this might be a matter of convictions for him. On the other hand it might also be a business move. This has probably earned them at least a little bit of free publicity and people who might not be inclined to visit a vegan restaurant normally might pop in for a beer or whatever just to support him.

I know of another place who had promised to flout the proof of vaccination rules; I wasn't planning on visiting there either. The places I do visit regularly have been diligently checking for proof of vaccination at the door, and I'm happy that they are. I've asked the managers if they've had any trouble, and they've told me that things have gone surprisingly well so far.

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