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Re: Local food culture
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Maybe ?  Was there ever much local food culture ?  Is Toronto so different from Ottawa or Windsor ?  Buffalo ?

Well Quebec has poutine, Chicago has its deep-dish pizza, i'm sure the east coast of Canada has its dishes (seafood and whatnot).

Toronto seems like a place that imports its food culture from other cultures around the world.  Do they have any local food culture though?  Has anyone in Toronto created any original food dishes?

Are we all just going out and eating Greek, Pho, Thai, Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Shawarma etc?

Does Canada even have any unique Canadian dishes from anywhere in the country, besides poutine and Hawaiian pizza?  We do have turkey, an indigenous bird of North America.  Do we just traditionally eat European/American food like hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, and apple pie?
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