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Re: Local food culture
« on: June 27, 2021, 09:06:38 pm »
Local cuisine:
Seafood….  Salmon, spot prawns, Dungeness crab, and, more lately, albacore tuna.  I fish for the first 3 things and we get our own quite often.  Tuna, I buy as whole loins off a local fisherman, 10 kgs at a time..   It’s sushi-grade stuff.  Absolutely brilliant.  We eat it about once every 1-2 weeks or when we have guests.  Which, lately hasn’t been often.  Now with the weather getting better, we’re starting to entertain some folks outside. 

My cuisine growing up: 
Seafood, often in stews.  Pickled, salted or smoked seafood a lot too.  A lot of basics meat and potatoes.  Scandinavian diet!