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Re: LGBTQ Culture
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I also don't know what alt-right has to do with trans rights.  Alt-right has to do with white nationalism.
White Christian heterosexual male chauvinist nationalism.

Like those pushing #Wexit:
"The federal government we have in Ottawa is trying to disarm us. They are ignoring Canadian voices on the number of immigrants they want to come into the country,” Bell shouts, leaning into the podium. “They are introducing motions and legislation to curb free speech. They are increasingly anti-person, promoting drag queens to kids as well as telling kids there is no such thing as being a boy or a girl. And they are promoting a forced in-your-face LGBT agenda.”

The crowd, many sporting hats with “Wexit” and “Alberta Strong” on them, went wild.

It's a package deal, wherever white supremacists are recruiting.
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