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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« Reply #60 on: December 10, 2019, 02:45:45 am »
Just musing but ... I'm a bit curious why Trans women are focusing their efforts on cis-lesbians, when there are likely many women who like dick and would also appreciate a partner with a feminine perspective.


If a straight woman wants to have sex with a trans-woman, it means she actually sees him as a man, which isn't how she wants to be seen.  The relationship would be based on, from the trans-woman's perspective, her being misgendered.  At best the straight woman is into the trans-woman because she doesn't understand the trans-woman's identity... or worse perhaps she has a fetishized view of them.

If a lesbian wants to have sex with a trans-woman, it would validate the trans-woman's identity as a woman. She would have a lover who sees her as she sees herself-- as a woman, not as a cross-dressing man.

It would be nice if all people just stopped telling other people who they 'should' want to have sex with, but there will always be assholes and free speech blah blah. Lol The only answer really is  free choice. If you're not with a person you want to be with sexually, you depart.
The propaganda will still go on, but nobody is forced (eg, by law) to conform.
Despite changes in law, there are still sectors of society who believe or preach that gay sex is a sin. They're wrong, but they won't likely change.
Maybe there will also always be Trans folk who think sex with lesbians is their 'right'. They're wrong, but they won't likely change either.

Therapy may help the girl resist the persuasion of others and do what is right for herself, the only solution really.
If there are issues of possible abuse, force or retaliation upon departure, that's a whole other, possibly legal, issue.

What's going on at campus LGBT clubs and other gay spaces right now is that there is a lot of pressure to be trans-positive, because if people decide you're not trans-positive, you're not allowed.    So you get conversations that go like this:

Gaia: "Hi Becky, I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me Friday."
Becky: "Oh hi, Gaia... I'm sorry, but I'm gay... I'm not into guys."
Gaia: "Well I'm not a guy. I'm a woman. I'm still transitioning, but I'm a woman. So if you're into women, there should be no problem!"
Becky: "Uh, I'm sorry, I'm just not really attracted to you."
Gaia: "why? Is it because I'm trans?"
Becky: "No, it's just that--"
Gaia: "It's because I'm trans, isn't it! Oh my god, Becky is transphobic!  Becky's a TERF! Hey, everybody! Becky's a TERF!"
Everybody: "OMG Becky how could you" "Becky WTF" "GTFO, Becky, we don't want you here." "Get lost TERF scum!"
Becky: "but guys, I just--"
"Becky, you're not welcome here anymore. Just leave."

and of course after the other girls see what happens to Becky, you get this:

Gaia: "Hi Katie, would you like to go out with me Friday?"
Katie: "uhhhhh  ... yes?"

Because being perceived as being transphobic means being disowned, everybody is desperate to prove they're trans-inclusive.  Whether it's by going on a date with Gaia, or by being part of the lynch mob that strings up Becky, people want to prove they're trans-positive so that they don't end up like Becky.

Cybercoma will probably tell you that this is just propaganda, that this doesn't really happen. I have read enough stories from women who have been on the receiving end of this kind of witch-hunt to know that it does happen.

Masked for your safety.
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