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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« Reply #60 on: December 10, 2019, 02:13:26 am »

Why do you think it has a lot of traction ? 

You are not engaging on that topic because it's worth considering, or it's being debated in the general population IMO but because it enrages you. 

That's fine too but look objectively at how that idea has travelled through the mechanics and flow of the "marketplace of ideas".  It's a new thing, or at least a re-discovering of an old and forgotten way that the system works:

1. Outrageous idea is developed by fringe dwellers
2. Intelligent people become away of said idea and are outraged
3. Intelligent people bring the idea into general discussion
4. Now the general population is aware of it

This all seems like a new flow that happens because of angertainment.

Experience is valid, but doesn't scale to the level of 'general problem'.  I believe the surveys I have read had good methodology but I will look again.

You don't have to quote a survey to get me to care about your personal and specific experience.  That is important and has a role to play.

I hear you and I care.

The way I think of such things is that you have to balance between:

"You can't legislate everything"
"We must ensure actions so that we can try to make sure [XYZ] never happens"

I am very confused by what happened here, because these are obviously Michael's words, but the forum thinks it's my post?!

I didn't notice this post earlier, and will respond to it later.

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