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Re: LGBTQ Culture
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against: (elevating) the extremism; the enabling of, "scaremongering conspiracy theories leveled at the trans community"; peddlers of, "the current narrative that trans people as bullies and aggressors"...

I remember when that came out.   

One of the most striking things about it is how it brushes aside the voices of anybody who isn't onboard with their agenda. It's somewhat Baghdad Bob-esque in proclaiming solidarity in spite of plenty of evidence to the contrary.  "There are no dissenting lesbians in our community! In fact a few crossed the border but they were swiftly beaten to death with their own strap-ons!" 

And no mention of the legitimate concerns of anybody who doesn't agree.  The women talking about their experiences must be liars! #BelieveWomen ... unless they're saying something that's inconvenient! Lesbians being pressured to accept girldick? Never happens! Transbians bullying cis-women in lesbians spaces? A myth!  "There are no aggressive transbians in our community! In fact a few crossed the border but they were swiftly beaten to death with their own waifu-pillows!"

It reads like a propaganda piece from a totalitarian regime, and like in a totalitarian regime one expects that dissenters will face Struggle Sessions to reeducate them and put them on the glorious path.

The context of the "Not in Our Name" letter is that it's just another shot in a long-running feud between Autostraddle and AfterEllen. Autostraddle and the others are all trying to sell their readers on the virtues of girldick, while AfterEllen is the only major lesbian website left that hasn't hopped on the baloney pony.  AfterEllen's response to the letter:

On the surface, the statement appears to be support for the transgender community. But then it goes on to state “we strongly condemn writers and editors”…. and that isn’t a positive statement of support, it’s rather an attempt to demonize anyone who has views they don’t deem acceptable, to call them “hate speech” and in particular our colleague Arielle Scarcella, who has been attacked for her response videos over the last couple of years.

If 10 YouTubers put out a video telling young lesbians that same-sex attraction is a “preference” and “bigoted” and can be “unlearned,” and a lesbian leader, such as Arielle Scarcella, puts out a response, telling young lesbians that innate same-sex attraction is not a “preference” and it can’t be “unlearned,” she’s faced with tremendous backlash and homophobia.

Given those underlying details, the statement is a very clear manipulation to throw women under the bus. This virtue-signaling by some extremists on the left is not something that AfterEllen wants to be a part of. Arielle has done a lot for the community and she has support from thousands of LGBT followers.


Since AfterEllen is the only mainstream lesbian publication still remaining, that focuses on issues as they specifically pertain to and affect lesbians, we have a moral obligation to give young lesbians (who are feeling scared or depressed and filling our inboxes) a voice. When lesbians are called “**** fetishists” with “genital preferences,” AfterEllen should be allowed to address those issues without backlash. Resorting to name-calling and bizarre accusations as a means of silencing the lesbian community needs to stop.

Being an ally should not require lesbians to deny their own reality. It should not require lesbians to relinquish all autonomy, to believe exactly as others do, or fall silent.


This goes much deeper than a simple statement. There’s been an ongoing campaign of homophobia directed exclusively at lesbians, and when our writers try to cover these issues, as they specifically pertain to and affect lesbians, we’re shouted down by non-lesbians with slurs and anti-lesbian sentiment. Enough is enough.

Promoting this kind of false narrative only creates more anxiety in the lesbian community, a community that’s already suffering. Lesbians are by far the most statistically unrepresented and underfunded letter within the acronym.

AfterEllen is with everyone, but first and foremost we have a moral obligation to provide a voice to the most silenced group within the acronym, and right now that is Lesbians.

Masked for your safety.