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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« Reply #30 on: December 05, 2019, 04:20:57 am »
You're elevating the views of radicals by addressing them as if they even have merit. You are part of the problem that they're creating.

Ignoring bad ideas doesn't make them go away.  If you want evidence of that, you need only look at the rise of the anti-vax movement, or the MAGA movement, or the rise of the alt-right in general, or the return of the Flat Earthers, to name a few.   This notion that sexual orientation is actually a "gender preference" that can be unlearned has become widespread among the gender theory people, and they're apparently too dense to see that they're spouting the same discredited nonsense that conversion therapy advocates claim.

And there's the question of how do we decide who we call a "radical".  Is Rachel V McKinnon a radical? She's among those who feel "cisgender" lesbians need to "get over their genital hangups", and she's treated as a legitimate trans advocate by mainstream media outlets like the CBC.   If the supposedly "for lesbians by lesbians" websites that endorsed the "Not in Our Name" letter publish think-pieces by transbians chiding "cisgender" lesbians to reexamine their genital preferences, is it still a radical viewpoint?   Riley J Dennis is a popular transbian Youtube personality who has been pushing this notion for a long time.  Arielle Scarcella is a popular lesbian Youtube personality who has received a ton of abuse for pushing back against the idea that sexual orientation is just a gender preference that can be overcome-- the sheer volume of criticism against her indicates that a lot of people are mad at her for pushing back against it.

Unlike ISIS and violent extremists in Islam, this notion does actually have some amount of traction on Main Street.  You're more likely to get hit by lightning or win the lottery than to be hurt by a Muslim extremist. But if you're a lesbian in a lesbian space (or cyber space, or dating app) you're very likely to get approached by sex by a "transbian" who probably feels it's your moral responsibility to "overcome your genital fetish".  I have heard these stories over and over again from gay women who were trans-friendly and trans-supportive until they had these kinds of experiences in the real world.

Masked for your safety.