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Re: LGBTQ Culture
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1. I think we as a society are trying to figure out how to fit transgenderism into a word that's forever been dominated by 2 clear genders and nothing in between.

2. It will be messy as we figure this out.  ie: transgender women who are biologically male will compete against biological cis women, until we figure out that this isn't a very good idea and isn't going to we'll figure something else out.

3. I'm hoping sanity eventually prevails and reasonable accommodations will be made.  In the meantime, people will **** off kimmy as they try weird stuff and push the envelope.

1. Yes and so tricky conversations have to happen.  Some things that won't help: vilifying the 'other' side, or holding up crazy extremists as the centre, refusing to dialogue.  I'm not talking about anyone in particular here

2. Messy.  But it's possible.  We don't have disabled people compete with abled people and the world continues.  We don't have men compete with women and the world continues.  This will be worked out.

3. As much as kimmy says she is sick of the dialogue, she is engaging in it and has convinced me of a few things through her seethes (ex. telling lesbians to love pen1s is offensive)