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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« Reply #30 on: December 03, 2019, 10:40:21 am »
It's weird to me that kimmy brings up extremist viewpoints and tries to paint an entire group of people with them. It's identical to Argus and others using ISIS as the definitional example of Islam, yet wouldn't dream to think of the White Nationalist Evangelical Christians as the definition of Christianity. Really, this just says more about the people committing the fallacy than it says about the people they're vilifying.

One of the things that's exasperating in all of this is that people are so willing to just wave it away as an extremist viewpoint.   This is affecting too many women to be dismissed as extremism now.  I don't know what portion of transwomen believe that lesbians who don't want girldick are transphobes, but they're affecting a *lot* of lesbians.  Lesbians can't go on dating apps or lesbian spaces without being badgered for not wanting girldick in their lives, and I have read dozens of stories of women being stalked, doxxed, harassed at work, and even threatened with harm for saying no. 

This "overcome your genital fetish" idea isn't just something being spread among a few trans incels on Reddit, it's being promoted by mainstream trans activists including Rachel V McKinnon. They always preface it by saying something along the lines of "of course every woman has the right to say no to sex, but..." and then set about explaining why gay women who don't want girldick are actually terrible people or damaged in some way.  Cisnormative conditioning, blah blah blah, transphobia, blah blah, "if you won't date lesbians who don't match your genital preferences, you're just reducing women to their genitals, it's actually very misogynistic", blah blah blah, get therapy, etc.  This isn't something you can just dismiss as a few random kooks on reddit, it has become mainstream trans activism.

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