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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2019, 03:20:44 am »
Your transphobia is pretty disgusting, but do you. Your posts to trans people are what Argus's posts are to immigrants.

I used to care, but I just can't anymore. A few years ago when people were fighting against "bathroom bills" I was all on board. And now every day I read about some new idiocy that just makes me want to puke. Transwomen winning medals in weightlifting and track and field. Rapists and murderers declaring themselves female and getting transferred to women's prisons. Some anime-obsessed cat-girl weeaboo telling lesbians they're transphobic for not wanting to suck her "girl-dick".  Some transwoman joining an endometriosis support group to police people's pronouns and remind everybody that not all women have a uterus.  Eradicating any meaning from the word "woman" to redefine it as  some vague notion or feeling.  I just can't stand it anymore.  At this point, being called transphobic just means I'm in good company.

. You're generally reasonable about all things, but as soon as someone doesn't fit your idea of gender conformity/normativity, you lose all rationality.

I'm gender non-conforming myself.  My circle of friends and acquaintances is full of gender non-conforming people-- including butch lesbians, effeminate gay men, and people of both sexes who present themselves androgynously in  varying degress.  I'm very much in favor of gender non-conformity. What myself and the gender non-conforming people I know all have in common is that none of us are under the impression that our gender expression changes the fact that we're still women and men.

"non-binary" is a self-contradictory concept, because a gender binary doesn't exist in our society. I've never seen any non-binary person explain their gender identity without referencing harmful stereotypes.    The latest thing I've seen is "non-binary lesbians". That's an oxymoron. Imagine the mental gymnastics required to explain yourself as non-binary, but also a gay woman.

In fact, the more I read your posts about trans people, the more it looks a lot like "separate but equal" nonsense that racists were spouting during the Jim Crow Era.

Trans activists always try to draw this parallel, and it never works. Because race isn't sex.  Racial discrimination has been struck down over and over again, while sex-based protections for women and girls have been upheld over and over again.

  It reads exactly like that kind of hedging. "I don't hate trans people. I have trans friends. I just don't see them as part of the LGB community." You seriously hate trans people and gender queers so much that you refuse to recognize their place in the community and consequently deny pansexuals their orientation as well.

We're at the point now that the linked-Venus symbol that was the widely-recognized emblem for lesbians has been banned from some Pride events because it's considered "transphobic", and the "Dyke March" is being run by transwomen.  Gay organizations and gay media outlets are run by gay men and transwomen; gay women are an afterthought in all of this. Female people are non-existent in leadership in the  Look at the events that got Edmonton Pride cancelled last summer: black women with dicks fighting with white men with dicks.  Misogyny and chauvinism has been a problem for the gay community since day one, and it hasn't changed.

I'm not represented in that community, and I guess I never was.  It's going to burn itself to the ground before much longer, and I'll be glad when it does.

It's pretty **** up and so beneath you....or at least what i guess was my mistaken impression of you.

I figured. When you stop drinking the Kool-Aid the rest of the cult turns against you.

Masked for your safety.
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