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Re: LGBTQ Culture
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I feel LGBTQ2SIAPWTF+ is so disjointed as to have no common purpose or meaning.

Q-- "queer" is meaningless.

2S-- "two spirit" is basically just indigenous gay people.  "two spirit" was coined by a white guy named Harry Hay, who was a gay activist and counter-culture weirdo, not an anthropologist or historian.  The scholarship behind the claim that "two spirit" people were ever revered by any indigenous cultures is pretty sketchy.

I-- "intersex" is a physical anomaly, not a sexual orientation.

A-- "asexual" is a sexual orientation in the same way that "atheism" is a religion or "off" is a TV channel.

P-- "pansexual" is a sexual orientation in the same sense that "whatever!" is a TV channel.  A pansexual is a bisexual who thinks there are more than two sexes.

There's really just LGB, and T.  L, G, B are sexual orientations, and T is the notion that sexual orientation is fake and gender is real. I don't see much common ground there.  I see increasingly less common ground as lesbians are shamed, threatened, harrassed, doxxed, and even beaten up for not wanting "girl dick" in their lives.

Get the L out!

Your transphobia is pretty disgusting, but do you. Your posts to trans people are what Argus's posts are to immigrants. You're generally reasonable about all things, but as soon as someone doesn't fit your idea of gender conformity/normativity, you lose all rationality. In fact, the more I read your posts about trans people, the more it looks a lot like "separate but equal" nonsense that racists were spouting during the Jim Crow Era. It reads exactly like that kind of hedging. "I don't hate trans people. I have trans friends. I just don't see them as part of the LGB community." You seriously hate trans people and gender queers so much that you refuse to recognize their place in the community and consequently deny pansexuals their orientation as well. It's pretty **** up and so beneath you....or at least what i guess was my mistaken impression of you.
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