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Re: LGBTQ Culture
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I feel LGBTQ2SIAPWTF+ is so disjointed as to have no common purpose or meaning.

Q-- "queer" is meaningless.

2S-- "two spirit" is basically just indigenous gay people.  "two spirit" was coined by a white guy named Harry Hay, who was a gay activist and counter-culture weirdo, not an anthropologist or historian.  The scholarship behind the claim that "two spirit" people were ever revered by any indigenous cultures is pretty sketchy.

I-- "intersex" is a physical anomaly, not a sexual orientation.

A-- "asexual" is a sexual orientation in the same way that "atheism" is a religion or "off" is a TV channel.

P-- "pansexual" is a sexual orientation in the same sense that "whatever!" is a TV channel.  A pansexual is a bisexual who thinks there are more than two sexes.

There's really just LGB, and T.  L, G, B are sexual orientations, and T is the notion that sexual orientation is fake and gender is real. I don't see much common ground there.  I see increasingly less common ground as lesbians are shamed, threatened, harrassed, doxxed, and even beaten up for not wanting "girl dick" in their lives.

Get the L out!


Being gay myself, I have to say, this whole abbreviation thing is getting out of control. Why not call it the Q or Q+ community for short? How about the "Q Continuum" for us Star Trek fans?
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