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Re: LGBTQ Culture
« on: November 10, 2019, 02:12:28 pm »
No.  Don't forget to take every opportunity to point out that The Rebel and The Post Millennial didn't bother to send a reporter to the school.

F*** these people... if they can't complain without lying then shame them until they either learn or shut up.

The Post-Millennial reported a Tweet from a Canadian politician that had gone viral.  They contacted the school (by phone) for comment.  They posted an update when the teenager in question explained that they'd actually been suspended for posting anti-LGBT posters all over the school, not for refusing to wear a rainbow poppy pin.  And they posted another update when Cyara Bird apologized and conceded that she had the facts completely wrong.

People were certainly lied to by Cyara Bird and her niece.  There's an argument to be made that Post-Millennial shouldn't have reported on the tweet at all, but if this was a controversy that had already gone viral on Twitter, then I don't agree.

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