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Re: Labrador
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:20:58 pm »
Way back in the day I and two other guys got storm stayed on the Labrador coast in January. The weather was just crap and even though I knew we were somewhere near Hopedale I decided to shut it down. We set up shop on the lea side of a big hill to keep the onshore wind at bay. We cut down all the little fir trees that were available, sawed then into fire wood and built a fire. I opened up my survival kit and hauled out some bags of Louisiana Shrimp Creole, threw in some snow for moisture and boiled them up. Quite tasty actually. The 40 pounder of single malt helped as well and we sipped and stoked until we fell asleep in the Arctic 5 Star sleeping bags. In the morning the wx had cleared so I climbed up the hill to look around. And there was Hopedale on the other side of that hill.