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Re: Kim City
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The locals didn't like the name change and still don't.  There are still billboards and bumper-stickers proudly announcing the town's original name in bold letters.


The museum still has the old name. My aunt and uncle were pillars of the community, he was head of he irrigation board and one of the founders of the yacht club, I don't think there was a yacht to be seen in those days, just a bunch of farmers and small business people with boats. The Pendozi, one of the old ferries is the clubhouse. The town didn't have a museum so he decided to build one on a piece of his own property. They had a big opening and Bennet the Younger who was premier at the time attended. My uncle and then my cousin looked after it until it was moved to its present location beside the police station. There is quite a lot of our family stuff there, including a small antique piano my mother brought from England that would be over 200 years old by now and a WW1 British officer's sleeping bag that my grandfather used when he was based in the Middle East. It's worth a visit, the society has done a really good job of the new building and its displays.
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