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Re: Kim City
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Those are quaint little villages.   They haven't grown nearly as quickly, and haven't had the same kind of pressures either.  Would it be nicer to live there than here? I dunno, maybe?  I probably wouldn't have a job if I did, though.

This city has grown very rapidly and changed a lot, even in the 11 years I've been here. 

I can't recall ever seeing a gun-rack in a pickup truck in Edmonton.  Even my northern Alberta relatives-- and they're gun-rack type people-- don't have gun-racks in their new trucks. I'm sure they still drive around with guns, but they probably just huck everything on the back seat.

Everytime I'm back in Edmonton I recognize it less and less. The neighborhoods where I lived as a kid are strangely untouched by time, but the city as a whole is so much larger and busier than I remember it being.


We lived in Miil Woods Phase 1. Back then, the the city pretty much ended at Southgate. We went back about 15 years ago and had to ask for directions to find our old place. Certainly a different city today.
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